Sulfuric acid(H2SO4) is an extensively used mineral acid, and Ferrous sulfide(Fe
S)is a transition metal sulfide of Fe(II). Let us go through their reaction.

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Sulfuric acid is a colorless, dense liquid, whereas Ferrous sulfide is a đen or gray solid residue that does not dissolve in water. It is also named iron(II) sulfide or đen iron sulfide. Interestingly it reacts with acid.In this article, we will deliver 15 such interesting facts about the reaction of Fe
S and H2SO4.

What is the sản phẩm of H2SO4 và Fe

The products of the H2SO4 + Fe
S reaction are hydrogen sulfide(H
2S) & Ferrous sulfate or iron(II) sulfate (Fe

What type of reaction is H2SO4 + Fe

H2SO4 + Fe
S reaction is a double displacement reaction as well as a gas-evolution reaction because H
2S gas is evolved as an over product in the reaction.

How khổng lồ balance H2SO4 + Fe

The H2SO4 + Fe
S reaction is balanced by atom count and multiplication method as described below.

Number of atoms on the reactant side: H=2, S=2, Fe=1, O=4.Number of atoms on the products side: H=2, S=2, Fe=1,O=4.Here, number of atoms on the reactant side = Number of atoms on the products side.So, the final balanced equation is:Fe
S + H
2SO4  = Fe
4 + H2S

H2SO4 + Fe
S titration

Titration in H2SO4 + Fe
S is not possible because as soon as H
2S gas is formed in the reaction, it escapes from the mixture.

H2SO4 + Fe
S net ionic equation

The net ionic equation of the H2SO4 + Fe
S reaction is:
2H+(aq) + S2-(aq) = H2S(g)

The net ionic equation is obtained by using the equations below:H2SO4 dissociates as H2SO4= 2H+(aq) + SO42-(aq).Fe
S in an acidic medium gets dissolved và forms Fe
2+(aq) và S2-(aq).Fe
4 dissociates as Fe
4= Fe2+(aq) + SO42-(aq).The complete ionic equation is written as:2H+(aq) + SO42-(aq)+ Fe2+(aq) + S2-(aq) = Fe2+(aq) + SO42-(aq)H2S(g).Like ions are excluded from both sides.Thus the net ionic equation is: 2H+(aq) + S2-(aq) = H2S(g)

H2SO4 + Fe
S conjugate pairs

The conjugate pairs of the H2SO4 + Fe
S reaction are:
H2SO4 is the conjugate acid of Fe

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H2S has the conjugate base HS.

H2SO4 & Fe
S intermolecular forces

The intermolecular forces of the H2SO4 + Fe
S reaction are:
H2SO4 contains Hydrogen bonding, dipole-dipole interaction force.Fe
S has Electrostatic force of attraction.
4 shows Strong ionic interaction between respective ions.H2S possesses dipole-dipole interaction and Van Der Waals force.

H2SO4 + Fe
S reaction enthalpy

The enthalpy of the H2SO4 + Fe
S reaction is -34.59 KJ/mol

CompoundsNumber of MolesEnthalpy of formation, ΔH0f (KJ/mol)H2SO41-814Fe
ΔH0f values of the reactants và products

 Reaction enthalpy : ΔH0f (reaction) = ΣΔH0f (product) – ΣΔH0f (reactants)

ΔH0f (reaction)= <1×(-928.42) + 1×(-20.16)> – <1×(-814) + 1×(-99.99)> KJ/mol= -34.59 KJ/mol.

Is H2SO4 + Fe
S a buffer solution?

The H2SO4 + Fe
S reaction does not form a
buffer solution because H2SO4 is a powerful mineral acid.

Is H2SO4 + Fe
S a complete reaction?

H2SO4 + Fe
S is a complete reaction because there is no tendency of further reaction between the formed products
4 and H2S.

Is H2SO4 + Fe
S an exothermic or endothermic reaction?

The H2SO4 + Fe
S reaction is an exothermic reaction as the reaction has negative enthalpy change -34.59 KJ/mol.

Is H2SO4 + Fe
S a redox reaction?

H2SO4 + Fe
S is not a
redox reaction because the oxidation states of the reactants và products remain unchanged during the reaction.

Is H2SO4 + Fe
S a precipitation reaction?

H2SO4 + Fe
S reaction is not a
precipitation reaction because no hàng hóa is precipitated in the reaction mixture.

Is H2SO4 + Fe
S reversible or irreversible reaction?

The H2SO4 + Fe
S reaction is an irreversible reaction because one of the products of the reaction is a gas, & gas evolution reactions are irreversible.

Is H2SO4 + Fe
S displacement reaction?

H2SO4 + Fe
S is a double displacement reaction because the cations 2H+ , Fe2+, and anions SO42-, S2- are exchanged in the products.
Double Displacement ProcessConclusionH2SO4 is a strong acid và has got extensive use. Ferrous sulfate is used lớn prepare iron compounds and also in the reduction of chromate(Cr
O4–). Freshly prepared ferrous sulfate solution is used in the Brown-ring test of nitrate anion(NO3–).

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