If you are single & want khổng lồ interact with other single people, then you are in right place. We are here with the best application for you, which is known as Cian Live. It is the latest app android application, which offers the best platform for users lớn meet with different people from all over the globe. You can easily make friends, find your loved one, & also earn from this platform.

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There are millions of people all over the globe, who cannot get into any kind of relationship for different reasons. The most common problem among all of them is the lack of confidence, which causes them khổng lồ shy. So, all those people are having social anxiety, which made their friend circle small.

So, people feel different types of problems, which they cannot chia sẻ with anyone. Therefore, they face different problems, which include mental, physical, physiological, & many others. So, everyone should have a chance to lớn make a change in their life. If you are looking for that chance to make a change, then we are here.

We brought the best platform for you, which provides the best platform for all of you. You can easily make thousands of friends và enjoy sharing your ideas with them. There are tons of amazing features available in this app, which we are going to tóm tắt with you all. So, stay with us and get all the available information.

Overview of Cina Live App

It is an app android dating application, which provides users to meet people from all over the globe. There are thousands of active users available, which include hot single girls & men. It provides an xuất hiện platform for everyone, which users can easily join & find their soul mates.

There are different sections available in this application, which provides different kinds of services for the users khổng lồ access. The first section is available for live broadcasters, where you can find different live streamers available for you.

Users can join the broadcast và use the text chat to mô tả their ideas and words. There are also gifts available, which users can use to lớn send other users. The gifts you send will increase the popularity of the broadcaster and they will perform great shows for you.

The second section is for the users, where you can find all the online users of the Dating App. It provides you khổng lồ send messages khổng lồ them and start chatting. You can even showroom them to lớn your friend list & use đoạn clip chatting services. The fans must be your friend because you cannot điện thoại tư vấn any user directly.

If you want to lớn make some money from this platform, then you can start streaming live shows. Once you start broadcasting and people start khổng lồ watch your show you will start to make money. The more people watch your show và the more you will get paid. Additionally, this phầm mềm provides all information. So, basically get released date, tags, review, table, register, difference, and other relative information.

Gifts provide additional points, which you can easily redeem. So, the more gifts you will get, your rank will be increase và you will be more popular among all streamers. It provides a fast money withdrawal system, which can be completed by e-wallet or any other online transaction service. This application enables you lớn watch Chinese channels và stream sports on your app android Phone.

There are tons of people waiting for you. So, tải về this application và start exploring this app. You can easily make hundreds of friends easily. If you have any problem using this app, then feel free to liên hệ us, through the phản hồi section below.

App Details

NameCina Live
Size10.66 MB
Package Namecom.tutu.live
DeveloperTutu Live
Minimal tư vấn Required4.1 and Above
Key Features of the AppFree to tải về and Use
Free Registration
Best Online Dating Platform
Meet With Different People From Different Places
Join Public Shows
Private Chat System
Categories Well Defined
Music and Movies In Official Language
World Wide Active Services
HD Entertainment
Free to Install và Account Creation
Make Money with Broadcasting Shows
Fast Money Transaction Services
Prevent Screenshots and Browser
Simple Installation Process
No Security Probelms
User Friendly Interface
Many more

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How to download Cina Live Apk?

If you want to download this application, then you are in right place. We are going to chia sẻ the latest version of this phầm mềm with you all. So, just find the download button on this page, which is available at the top & bottom. Make a single tap & wait a few seconds, the downloading will start automatically.

If you are looking for the best live streaming application then you are right place. Sakura Live Apk is one of the best live streaming applications you will find.


sakura Show apk

For your ease, we have mentioned some of the best features of Sakura Live. Right after reading the complete article you will be no longer confused about the installation of this application.


The name of this application is based on the currency it has. As mentioned above after playing mini-games at the end, you will be awarded currency. And that currency is sakura. On getting 100 sakura you will get the option to lớn increase your tài khoản upgrade.

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VIP Account

Collect as many as sakura possible lớn upgrade your account to a VIP account. This way the time session of watching live videos will increase.

Live Chats

If you are interested in doing live chats ad video clip calls to anonymous friends then you can use this application for that purpose too.


The interface of this application has been kept very easy and user-friendly và a beginner & a person with no technical skills will use it easily.


If you think that due lớn living streaming applications this application can contain malware & bugs và cannot be safe. Then you are wrong this application is trustworthy and safe lớn install.

It has 9k+ active users right now all around the world. This enormous amount of its registered users shows how compatible it is.


You can get registered with this application with your number. You will get OTP later on your number which will lead to lớn direct registration.

This application will never ask you for any further personal detail except your number. Thus make sure about the security of this application.


Start streaming whenever you want to. Và other users from all around the world would join your live streaming you can địa chỉ cửa hàng any of your friends to lớn your streaming by sharing a links if you want to.


You can install this Sakura Live game android free of cost & it will not ask you for a single penny before installation of this application. Also if you are desperate to download this application right now then click on the provided link.

Meet Celebrities

Everyone in this world has a celebrity crush. And you may have also. Join the live session of your celebrity crushes and bình luận on them live on their session.


This application has compatibility with almost every device but the only requirement it has is the android version should be 4.0 và above.

Watch Video


According to our verdict, this is the best social media application having the features of many social truyền thông media applications in it. This is a bundle of different social truyền thông media applications where you can địa chỉ cửa hàng new friends, can play games, can chat with friends & even you can join live streaming.

So by doing so you will be connected to the outside world every time and can pass your time in a good way whenever you feel bored.


Q: Does Sakura Live is a free application?

Yes, this application is free to install.

Q: Does Sakura Live is safe or not?

Yes, it is safe. Although people think that this is not a safe application because of its live-streaming feature but makes you there is no concern about security with live streaming.

Q: How can I tải về Sakura Live?

Click on the mentioned links in the article you will directly be taken khổng lồ the installation of the application.